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They’re breeding!

Cath found this Santa lurking in the bush in Ashby – a mate for the one in Nunderi?

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A mouthful and a half

The sun is on its way down, and a baby magpie that has been harassing its parents for food for the last few days with constant squawking has finally hit the jackpot – one of the parents just presented it … Continue reading

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A mother’s love

It’s been warm and wet, a bit earlier than usual for summer. So the ‘buzzies’ (paper wasps, mud wasps and others) have been very active – sometimes we have to close the back glass doors because a dozen or so … Continue reading

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Tree shrine

At Hastings Point yesterday, we investigated the rock platform. It’s a bleak environment for plants and animals – the rocks are mostly bare so there must be extremes of temperature, salinity and water availability. However, there are possibilities for snorkelling, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s a Christmas tree with a difference, spotted at Nunderi yesterday.

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The end, my friend

Paul’s photos show the beginning of life for the adult cicada – below is the end for some.

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A bush tucker plant

At the Uki market yesterday, I bought some native seedlings – I have 20 acres, so plenty of room, although 10 acres or so is dry sclerophyll eucalptus with subtropical gullies (the result of land clearing, then banana farming, then … Continue reading

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If you dream them, they will come

Cath Clark writes from Ashby, near Yamba. Hallelujah! I was treated to a koala sighting at my neighbour Peter Wrightson’s place today. [Peter is the son of the late lamented Patricia Wrightson, who wrote Australian children’s books that I adore … Continue reading

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Christmas creature

Now what might this wonderfully hairy thing be? Let me know what you think! The prize is to avoid the scorn of avid photographer and artist, Paul Stevens, who took this one. A hint is the title of this post.

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Koala sighting – up close and personal!

The most amazing thing happened last night. Andrew was computering away in the studio as is his habit. The night was warm, the moon bright, and I couldn’t sleep, so I was practising my harmony part for ‘Celtic Dance’ about … Continue reading

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