Christmas creature

Now what might this wonderfully hairy thing be? Let me know what you think! The prize is to avoid the scorn of avid photographer and artist, Paul Stevens, who took this one. A hint is the title of this post.

What is this?

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4 Responses to Christmas creature

  1. alan48 says:

    My biology major daughter gives an authoritative identification of this beastie as an insect! She noticed that is has 6 legs. 🙂 By the way, more seriously, this is a great picture and I’m envious of the photographer’s macro lens capability if said creature is small.

  2. Yes, it is indeed an insect – but what kind? It’s a bit unfair to expect non-eastern state Australians to get this one, but these creatures usually appear here around Christmas time – it is a Christmas beetle, genus Anoplognathus. There are supposedly 35 species. See

    I guessed it was a fly, and Paul was not impressed! So much for MY biology major!

  3. Joy Window says:

    Brigitte said ‘Just loved those photos of Stevens …. absolutely amazing shots in fact. Is he “famous”? He sure should be!!!’

    Paul says in reply: ‘I may need to change my hat size’.

    He says regarding his photography: ‘Tell Alan my macro capabilities are nothing special just 3x optical & in close and personal. It helps too that christmas beetles are also pretty big.’

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