A bush tucker plant

At the Uki market yesterday, I bought some native seedlings – I have 20 acres, so plenty of room, although 10 acres or so is dry sclerophyll eucalptus with subtropical gullies (the result of land clearing, then banana farming, then reverting to regrowth eucalypt forest). One was a riberry, Syzygium luehmannii, and the seller had some fruits to taste. They look terrific on the tree make a good jam. Raw they are not too sweet, not too tart – unlike Davison’s plums which are very tart. I like the taste of both the raw riberry and the jam. I’m looking forward to sampling my own berries in a few years’ time.

We stopped off in Bangalow on the way back to do some window shopping and, lo and behold, there was a riberry in full berry outside Red Ginger, the Chinese grocery. I wouldn’t have recognised it except for eating some a few hours previously. So I scooped up a whole lot that had fallen on the ground in order to plant them.

There’s a photo of the berries and more info at:


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