Tree shrine

At Hastings Point yesterday, we investigated the rock platform. It’s a bleak environment for plants and animals – the rocks are mostly bare so there must be extremes of temperature, salinity and water availability. However, there are possibilities for snorkelling, as evidenced by two pairs of snorkellers, one pair from a canoe rigged as an outrigger – much more stable for getting in and out of wearing snorkelling equipment than an ordinary canoe. They also had a flag each attached, so seemed to be experienced or at least well prepared.

On the shore above the rocks I saw something I had never seen before – what I will call a tree shrine. There are many roadside shrines to people who presumably died in road accidents – usually crosses with artifical flowers, stuffed toys and trinkets. But this tree (photo below) had several metal plaques with the name of a person on each one, and many fresh frangipani flowers and broken shells at the base of the tree. The people seemed to be young – teenagers and as young as two years. You can just see the angel ornament. The tree has a lovely outlook over the ocean.

Pandanus tree shrine at Hastings Point

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