A mouthful and a half

The sun is on its way down, and a baby magpie that has been harassing its parents for food for the last few days with constant squawking has finally hit the jackpot – one of the parents just presented it with a dead mouse! The child doesn’t quite know what to do, and has been bashing it on the ground for the last five minutes to try to break it up, I guess, as it sure can’t swallow a thing that size.

Now it’s flown off so I won’t know what happened next. The adult tried to help by pulling on the mouse, but junior thought it was trying to steal it, so ran away. Or maybe it wasn’t trying to help, but there was just an instinct to grab a possible meal, even from its own offspring. Who knows?

Now it’s gone, a shy pademelon is creeping out from the undergrowth to feed – oops, there goes a brush turkey. High traffic time on the property!

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1 Response to A mouthful and a half

  1. alan48 says:

    My grandfather had a whole family of magpies that would come to their back porch for a meal of mince meat. They’d even jump up on the couch and be hand fed. Talk about having it easy – no dead mice for those birds when hand fed mince meat was on the menu!

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