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To everything, tern, tern, tern

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one. Over January, we saw a large flock of little terns (Sterna albifrons) at Flat Rock, Ballina. I was amazed at how small they are compared to the common tern. This tern is an endangered … Continue reading

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Egg masses and rams’ horns

Woody Head, Flat Rock and just about any other sandy beach, especially if it has a rock platform, are places of treasure for the sharp-eyed. The more types of environment, the more you will see. And the more often you … Continue reading

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Giants still live here

This forest is the sort of place that makes me stop in my tracks. I wait, and extend my senses. It’s shady, cool and wet. Tree ferns and mosses abound, and lichens positively drip from the trunks of the ancient … Continue reading

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Cyclones that have visited me

Besides a couple of largish ‘east coast lows’ (we can’t officially call them cyclones because these storms don’t originate in the tropics) while living near Bangalow, my main claim to fame is cyclone Tracy, a category 5 which decided to … Continue reading

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The biggest aquarium in the world

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia I am particularly fond of aquariums and visit as many as I can. I went to the astounding Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta courtesy of Alan in May 2010. It opened in November 2005, billed as … Continue reading

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Of cyclones and cassowaries

Cyclone Yasi just hit Mission Beach and other places in Far North Queensland. As well as the inevitable human suffering in emotional and financial terms, there is enormous suffering on the part of animals, the rainforest and the Great Barrier … Continue reading

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