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To everything, tern, tern, tern

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one. Over January, we saw a large flock of little terns (Sterna albifrons) at Flat Rock, Ballina. I was amazed at how small they are compared to the common tern. This tern is an endangered … Continue reading

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Egg masses and rams’ horns

Woody Head, Flat Rock and just about any other sandy beach, especially if it has a rock platform, are places of treasure for the sharp-eyed. The more types of environment, the more you will see. And the more often you … Continue reading

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Giants still live here

This forest is the sort of place that makes me stop in my tracks. I wait, and extend my senses. It’s shady, cool and wet. Tree ferns and mosses abound, and lichens positively drip from the trunks of the ancient … Continue reading

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