A sudden squall

On Saturday we went to Flat Rock, Ballina, and enjoyed cold, fierce winds and fast-blown, stinging sands. There was hardly anyone else on the beach – hooray! One fellow with a camera with very long lens was photographing the birds that usually congregate on the rock platform – common terns, silver gulls, ruddy turnstones and other migrants, the odd white-faced heron and sooty oystercatchers.

White-faced heron, Egretta novaehollandiae

We got chatting – he has a great website with his photos of birds, animals and landscapes.

We misjudged a rain squall and were drenched, even though I found a place to shelter under a pandanus and Andrew dashed for a grove of trees behind the dunes. Great fun – hadn’t for ages had the experience of hiding from the driving rain in sight of the stormy sea.

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