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Messing about in boats

Ratty, Moley and Badger (aka Joy, Cath and Andrew) went for a little kayak up Mangrove Creek, Chatsworth Island, last weekend. Some eastern grey kangaroos watched patiently as we assembled our folding Feathercraft K-Light kayaks. Mangrove Creek is an offshoot … Continue reading

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The microbats are back!

Every year about this time (early autumn), a bunch of microbats decide to roost during the day in the ‘armpits’ of a terracotta bat I have hanging on my back deck. I don’t want to disturb them more than necessary, … Continue reading

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Moulting crabs

In a rock pool, you sometimes see what seems to be a dead crab but is really light and there’s nothing inside. If fact, the owner left behind its protective covering, which is what you see, and has gone elsewhere … Continue reading

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Final gloomy day creatures

Continuing from the previous two posts … Carnivorous shells abound, but some herbivores are big and tough enough to survive – for instance, turbans. The turban below (left, Turbo militaris) is about the same size as its nemesis (right, Australian … Continue reading

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More gloomy day creatures

Continuing from the previous post … It must have been a hermit crabs’ convention, as there were dozens and dozens. Perhaps they were there en masse to trade shells (they swap into larger shells as they grow) or mate, or … Continue reading

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A gloomy day, full of life

Perhaps the heavily overcast conditions on Saturday fooled the critters at Flat Rock into thinking that it was dusk and wake-up time, but I have rarely seen so much life in the rock pools in one session. For starters, we … Continue reading

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Catfish skull

Here’s a catfish skull I found on the beach at Flat Rock, Ballina – I’m not sure which species exactly as we have several, both marine and freshwater, in Australia. It’s 12.5 cm (5 inches) long and 4.5 cm (about … Continue reading

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