An artistic … nematode!?

At the twilight markets in town last week, I spotted an artist making insects out of wire. It’s great to see art concerning animals that aren’t cutesy or traditional subjects like cats, dogs, dolphins and horses. Some interesting stuff has been done around those animals, but I feel those subjects have been somewhat overdone.

I noticed what looked like a flatworm on his stall and asked if that was what it was. He replied that it was a nematode (and that I was the only person to have recognised it – well, zoology training has to be good for something 🙂 ). A scientist had given him a bunch of photos of nematodes and asked him to make realistic sculptures. She’s rejected this one as it wasn’t flat enough. He didn’t know the scientific name, but I couldn’t resist buying it anyway.

Nematode, by artist Kurt Hamilton-Foster

I love the art of Ernst Haeckel as it is such an ornate take on non-traditional subjects.

One of Haeckel’s discomedusae paintings, from WikiCommons

And he also did nudibranchs! And octopuses! And … you name it! Wonderful stuff!

I once made a nudibranch out of Fimo, but I’m not going to embarrass myself by putting it here. I think I’ll stick to being an amateur naturalist and leave art to others.

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2 Responses to An artistic … nematode!?

  1. Ooh! Love the nematode sculpture! That’s so the sort of thing I would buy – and it would fit right in with all of my insect art. Hope it’s being displayed with pride!

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