Drawing closer to Nature

Artist Peter London in his book, Drawing Closer to Nature, writes about his experience walking along a beach and noticing the forms and patterns there – how Nature composes. Methinks this quote (p. 22) applies to more than art:

I loved the way Nature seemed to be teaching. Here’s the lesson. Take your time. You have your lifetime to learn it. You didn’t get it today? Come back tomorrow. You missed last week’s assignment? It’s still on the board. No, there will be no final exams (you simply die and then it’s the next person’s turn) No, there is no front row at this school. It has no front. You don’t speak English? That’s OK, neither do we. You are a slow learner? What’s a slow learner? You are talented and gifted? Oh, your mother says you’re talented and gifted – that’s nice. When do you graduate? You really don’t want to know. How much is this going to cost you? Everything. What will you get out of it? Everything.


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