Reptiles of all kinds at Fernbank

I’m a museum enthusiast, especially natural history museums. I even worked in one once (as a curator’s assistant in the marine invertebrate section of the South Australian Museum). So I was delighted to be taken by Jane while I was staying with her in Atlanta to the Fernbank Natural History Museum.

The museum has impressive art displays – where else can you sip coffee at the feet of life-sized metal dinosaurs …

Heavy metal coffee break

contemplating the ones about to swoop down on you and steal your cake …

Oooh - I see chocolate mud cake! Swoop!

It’s an attractive and well-organised museum. As well as the static exhibits, there was a live exhibit of geckos, in many separate terrariums. I didn’t write down the correct names of the geckos – I was too busy appreciating their marvellous colours and patterns, after I had finally spotted them in their terrariums. It’s amazing how something so colourful can get lost in leaves. I’ve just made up the names to differentiate them.

The texture-iffic gecko

The rock-wall gecko

The orange-spoted gecko (top left, and more top right)

The shy gecko

The bamboo gecko

The brown-spotted gecko

The exhibition had good information boards and lit-from-behind walls of photos of gecko eye patterns …

Gecko eye patterns

and gecko feet patterns …

Gecko feet patterns

and gecko skin patterns …

Gecko skin patterns

Congratulations to the museum for such a colourful, educational and entertaining exhibit.

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2 Responses to Reptiles of all kinds at Fernbank

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love the eye, foot, and skin displays! How clever and cool!

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