A few bugs in the system

I enjoy seeing unusual bugs and beetles (one of the differences is that bugs have sucking mouthparts and beetles have chewing mouthparts).

Here’s a beetle that landed on my manuscript this morning. It looks like a ladybird. What a striking pattern! The delicate feet and antennae! Entomology is such an enormous field, and I’m woefully ignorant about insects’ scientific names.

Ladybird beetle

This next one is a really pretty beetle (the chewing mouthparts are visible on the photo), found in my garden. The colours! The texture! The three-pronged antennae!

Shiny beetle

Andrew took this one of a giant water bug (Lethocerus insulanis). The colour is dull but the geometric pattern is intriguing.

Giant water bug, photo by Andrew Roberts

For enthusiasm combined with meticulous observation, I recommend Fabre’s The Insect World Of J. Henri Fabre, translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos. Fabre wrote many works on insects from his own observations, and the language has a wonderful and joyous style – Fabre obviously loved his insects. Electronic text versions are available.

Like that quote about art, I don’t know much about insects, but I know what I like. They often seem like works of art in themselves.

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