Alas, poor Yorick

… I did not know him, Horatio. I don’t know the owner of this delicate skull, found on the beach at Flat Rock, except that it looks like a bird’s.

Bird skull, top view

Common birds on the rock platform are silver gulls (Larus novaehollandiae), crested terns (Sterna-bergii)  , and lately little terns (Sterna albifrons) , but there is a smattering of migrants from Siberia this time of year – about to go back if they have not already.

Bird skull, underneath

It’s amazing such a small and delicate object has survived the elements.

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5 Responses to Alas, poor Yorick

  1. joseph says:

    I found a skull identical last week, cant figure it out either . . .

  2. N Gregory says:

    Looks to be a skull (rather old) of a short-tailed shearwater to me- they migrate to the Bass Strait from the Artic to breed and arrive around September -October where they nest in burrows (with almost 290 colonies on various islands including Tassie itself). The whole journey covers some 16,000 kms and takes around 6 weeks to complete and many hundreds of the birds die before the completion of the migration as a result of exhaustion or bad weather. The parents migrate back to the Artic around April leaving the chicks within their burrows with rich fat reserves- within 3-4 weeks the young are out of their burrows and amazingly migrate to the Artic by themselves. Last year at Sorrento their were many beach washed individuals around October I can remember counting 17 individual birds upon a 1 kilometre beach it’s rather sad to think how far they have travelled to get here for that to happen.

  3. N Cameron says:

    I found one exactly the same from Corrindi Beach NSW. I thought it was a snake skull. Wonder why the beak wasn’t attached as in other photos on the net.

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