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High noon, low tide at the rock pools

Around spring equinox, the low tides are lower than usual. The sand deposited by winter storms is starting to be washed off the rocks, and there is now lots of life in the Flat Rock rock pools, although surprisingly few … Continue reading

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A bookish spider

Indulge my anthropomorphism for a moment … “Know thyself”, wrote Plato, and this little spider is perhaps taking it to heart, trying to read a scientific tome. But it’s reading the wrong book – the CSIRO’s “The Insects of Australia”. … Continue reading

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My 10 minutes of fame

This time last week I was chewing my fingernails, psyching myself up for a radio interview on ABC North Coast about my post on the greater glider and my blog. It was weird that I was so nervous, as I … Continue reading

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Giant sculpture of giant squid

My mate Alan, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, has kindly allowed me to post his photo of a sculpture at the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, USA. I don’t know if it’s meant to be a “real” squid – … Continue reading

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On the rails

We don’t often see buff-banded rails (Gallirallus philippensis) close up – maybe a fleeting glance as they run across the road or back into the grasses on the edge. They are quite common but tend to hide away from human … Continue reading

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The window-cleaning bird

Our house windows are broken into sections by wooden frames, so local birds don’t get the urge to fly into them, mistaking the reflection of trees for the real thing. I admit to being slap-dash about house cleaning, and especially … Continue reading

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A turtle bone

I found this mysterious bone on a beach near Evans Head recently.                        

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International flippin’ Rock-flipping Day

When I started this blog 10 months ago, I looked at overseas models and found some excellent ones. I wanted a vehicle to record my natural history and other adventures, with photos, to share with my friends and interested others … Continue reading

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A very long tail – and a sad one

We do our best, but sometimes it’s just too late. Sunday morning we visited friends up the mountain behind our place for tea, cake and chat. On the drive home, I spotted a goanna (lace monitor, Varanus varius), walking up … Continue reading

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Between a rock and a sandy place

I flipped not my  lid, but a rock on a rock platform this morning on the coast in northern New South Wales, for International Rock-flipping Day (this year 11 September 2011). Here’s what was underneath.

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