Corellas, honeyeaters, ibis and friarbirds

We took a little trip to Pottsville on the coast on the weekend. We’d not been on that beach before, so it was a good excuse.

On the walk to the beach, there was a large group of corellas roaming around on the ground for seeds. They are incredibly noisy when roosting in groups for the night in trees, and upon awakening in the morning. Their particular screech is unmistakable.

The little corella (Cacatua sanguinea) is native to Australia and Papua New Guinea, and one of three corella species in Australia.

Little corellas feeding on seeds on the ground

Amongst this group of about 50 little corellas was this single long-billed corella (Cacatua tenuirostris). You can see the colour difference and that the beak is much longer.

Long-billed corella, in with the little corellas

The third corella species lives in Western Australia.

Another bird we saw on the same morning was the white-cheeked honey-eater (Phylidonyris nigra) . It was not the New Holland honey-eater, which is very similar but has a white eye.

White-cheeked honeyeater on bottlebrush trees

In the same patch of trees was this little friarbird (Philemon citreogularis).

Little friarbird

The little friarbird does not have the ‘lump’ on its nose that a noisy friarbird has.

The Australian white ibis (Threskiornis molucca) is becoming very at home in urban areas, rummaging in rubbish bins and waiting for hand-outs.

Australian white ibis

Not a bad morning’s pickings for a suburban area, without much effort.

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1 Response to Corellas, honeyeaters, ibis and friarbirds

  1. Fantastic:Pics! Dont those correllas make a big noise when they wake up!! I have a couple of galahs and they are too silly:) the long billed corrella reminds me of one I looked after last year..

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