The last couple of days, three Pacific bazas (Aviceda subcristata, also known as crested hawks) have been flying around together and calling. We’d seen one only once before here, though we had one living in the rainforest remnant at our previous house. We got great views of it gliding silently and gracefully across the paddock to crash into the trees, disturbing insects for it to eat. They are spectacular-looking birds.

My shot isn’t that great – that blotch on its chest above the feet is an artefact of me fiddling in Photoshop, trying to bring out the feather details – but at least I got one, yay! You can see the definitive crest, the yellow eye and the stripes on the chest and feathers.

Pacific baza surveying the scene

They are omnivorous, eating insects (especially stick insects), tree frogs, small reptiles, nestling birds and even fruit. I hope these three settle in the vicinity.