My 10 minutes of fame

This time last week I was chewing my fingernails, psyching myself up for a radio interview on ABC North Coast about my post on the greater glider and my blog.

It was weird that I was so nervous, as I have been an editorial trainer, requiring me to stand up in front of groups of people and teach them publishing procedures, have had training in doing that, and also have no problem singing in public, either in choirs or solo.

I settled in as soon as the interviewer started talking, and my friends who heard it said it went well. Phew! It was 10 minutes and flew by, as the radio interviewer was skilled. I didn’t say anything I might regret!

It was interesting to get experience with a form of communication I’m not familiar with, at least not on the ‘giving’ end.

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2 Responses to My 10 minutes of fame

  1. Congrats! When I was a naturalist I used to give talks to up to 500 people without breaking a sweat–but these days having to stand up and speak before a much smaller group makes my hands shake. Seems like the skill ought to transfer, but it feels different when you’re in a different situation.

    Anyway, glad it went well!

    • Joy Window says:

      Thanks, Patricia. Preparation, preparation, preparation seems to be the key to calmness, and I just didn’t know what the interviewer was going to ask. I decided to just ‘go with the flow’, and that helped. I forgot to mention that I take people out on rock platform walks occasionally, too.

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