A bookish spider

Indulge my anthropomorphism for a moment …

“Know thyself”, wrote Plato, and this little spider is perhaps taking it to heart, trying to read a scientific tome.

"So many insects, so little time!"

But it’s reading the wrong book – the CSIRO’s “The Insects of Australia”. Perhaps I’ve misread its intentions, and it’s really trying to research its lunch!

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4 Responses to A bookish spider

  1. It’s like a menu…”and for the horderves I’ll try your Drosophila melanogaster….”

  2. kathy pearce says:

    Hi Joy, great shot of the wee spider. I saw the biggest Red-back at Coonamble last week when I attended the Moorambilla Festival. http://www.moorambilla.com/galleries/

    • Joy Window says:

      Ooh, did you get a photo? I’m happy to post it if you did.

      I’ve had to order a replacement digital camera as “old reliable” has developed corrosion on the button you press to take a photo – probably due to all that salt water on fingers at the beach. A new camera is cheaper than a repair!

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