Koala sits in the old gum tree

… to paraphrase an Aussie Girl Guide song.

We’ve been hearing the braying of a male koala on dark for a couple of weeks now – it’s amazing how such a small creature can make such a big noise, echoing down the valley. He’s been on the prowl, looking for mates, and last night he found one!

We heard the male’s call coming closer and closer to the house, and wondered whether we would get another visit like the last one. At last we went out with a torch and discovered the koala way up in the old gum tree next to the house. We left him alone and went out later after hearing the call further up the property. Then a few squeals – he’d found a female!

You can hear the higher calls of the female and the deep braying (at the end) of the male here. No photo from me – it’d look like those postcards of Nowhereville by night. It’s always a tremendous thrill to encounter a koala.


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