Welcome, swallow

The welcome swallow (Hirundo neoxena) is a bird I’ve never had the chance to see close up as they flit past so fast. Occasionally one finds dead birds (I once found a dead pardalote on the footpath in Sydney and was able to take it home and look at it close up), but it is rare.

So I am particularly happy to post these photos sent by my cousin Jan and her partner Rodney in South Australia. Such grace and elegance in one small bird!

Welcome swallow, Saunders Gorge, South Australia; photo by Rodney Hunt

"You looking at me?"; photo by Rodney Hunt

"This is my best side"; photo by Rodney Hunt

These photos were taken at Saunders Gorge near Adelaide, South Australia. It’s a very different environment to the subtropics where I live – we sometimes get Adelaide’s entire yearly rainfall in a month – but the welcome swallow is a versatile bird and is widespread around Australia (except the centre).

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