A walk in the bush (part 2 of 3)

Continuing from part 1

In the wet areas near the small creek that winds down the valley, there are naturally lots of fungi. I’ve tried to ID them using Fuhrer’s “A Field Guide to Australian Fungi”, but any errors are totally mine.

Woody pore-fungus or bracket-fungus; photo by Amanda Pattie

The fungi directly below may be older and more deteriorated versions of the previous one.

Dermocybe sanguinea

One of the species of Calocera jelly fungi

Gloeoporus phlebophorus?


Part 3 will show trees, shrubs and a couple of insects that we saw.

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2 Responses to A walk in the bush (part 2 of 3)

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  2. kathy pearce says:

    Finding fungi is a real challenge! No matter how hard you look, you can overlook them. Finding the names is even tougher, as a lot of fungi look the same. Thanks for giving some names to your photos. Sign of a thorough researcher and much appreciated. Fuhrer’s book is fantastic – surely a visual feast for alien prototypes! We have had heaps of Stinkhorns in Sydney, found usually in mulch from eucalyptus chipping. As we mulch our unit gardens annually, we get great crops. Now, that’s a scary looking fungi! Funny, we do not particularly notice the smell.

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