Lord Howe Island – the scenic bits

It’s all scenic bits, especially on those sparkling clear, calm days when the sea is turquoise and the mountains seem to touch the sky.

For the “big picture”, here’s an overhead photo courtesy of NASA. The human settlement is the blotchy white bits left of centre. The two mountains are to the bottom right.

Lord Howe Island from satellite; photo courtesy NASA

The photo below shows the lagoon, with Mt Lidgbird (left) and Mt Gower (right) in the background.

The southerly twin peaks of Lidgbird (left) and Gower (right)

There’s a guided walk up Mt Gower, which I did the first time I visited. It requires a degree of fitness and endurance, but the views from the top are magnificent on a clear day. The mist forest at the top has many plants unique to Lord Howe. The weather was suitable this time, but I looked at the mountain and it looked at me, and I thought, “Once is enough”.

There are many good spots to snorkel (or SCUBA dive) in the lagoon or at Ned's beach on the other side of the island. Subtropical corals, brightly coloured fish, rays, turtles and Galapagos sharks abound.Stunningly clear water provides good snorkelling on blue days like these

Lenticular clouds often form on the mountains, sometimes spreading a thick “tablecloth” spilling down the sides …

Lenticular clouds starting to form over the mountains

A great place for sunsets over the water ...

A full moon rising over Ned's beach, with Jupiter above, was a moment to savour ...Jupiter keeps an eye on the full moon, Ned's Beach

It’s a place I could spend hours (and have) just watching the mountains and their changing shadows. But there are also other sights, some of which I will post about next time.

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