The Shellter Project

No, that’s not bad spelling (me, a professional editor, bad spelling? Nah! :)), but the name of a 3D printing project.

Apparently hermit crabs are popular pets. As they grow, they need to trade up to larger shells, and their owners are getting these empty shells from the wild. This has led to a severe lack of empty shells for wild hermit crabs to use.

"Affordable housing is so hard to find these days"

So some bright spark decided to create shells for the owners of captive hermit crabs to buy from pet stores, thus leaving supplies for the wild variety. You can read about it here.

And it’s working! Watch a video of a crab inspecting and then moving into a printed shell here. It seems to me that the artificial shell is a tad small, but it’s a start.

Oh, and if you have a box full of shells somewhere gathering dust, you might consider taking them back to the sea. Somebody there just might have a use for them.

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