A not yet stinky stinkhorn

This fungus is in the paddock at the moment, in a very dry spot. I’m hoping it will uncurl and be easier to identify, but I’m guessing it’s a not yet unfolded Clathrus archeri.

Stinkhorn fungus

They apparently smell vile (hence the common name), so I’ll be out there with the sheep, rear in air, sniffing it over the next few days. The smell attracts flies who help distribute the spores. I guess the sheep aren’t eating it as it apparently tastes vile, too, although it’s not poisonous. I’m not going to test that!

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2 Responses to A not yet stinky stinkhorn

  1. Paul Stevens says:

    What’s the follow up on the Stinkhorn?
    They can all but disappear overnight being much liked by slugs and such, at least thats my experience with a similar though smaller odd looking fungus.


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