Praying mantis egg case

I was chasing the neighbour’s flock of six sheep out the gate yesterday – I don’t know why I bother because their wool insulates them from the effects of our electric fence so they come back in again. And they need the feed of our lush paddock because they have to share their own with cows, so it’s quite bare from overstocking. I kind of like them, and they are much easier to herd than cows.

On the way back along the driveway, I noticed this dry papery construction around a leaf.

Praying mantis egg case

It contains a couple of hundred praying mantis babies. What’s the collective noun? A congregation of mantises? A temple of mantises? Suggestions welcome.

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4 Responses to Praying mantis egg case

  1. janebeauane says:

    To the San (Khoi or Bushman) people, the Mantis is the supreme god or creator, so seeing 200 babies would have been an apotheosis!

  2. An ecumenical of praying mantises?
    A pagan of praying mantises?
    An animism of praying mantises?

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