A patterned moth

I have no idea which moth this is, but I like the pattern. It’s on my shower curtain. Update: Thanks to Denis for the ID: Cosmodes elegans.

Cosmodes elegans takes a shower

Lovely patterns on the wings

I am astonished when I find such small but intriguing creatures – there must be thousands and thousands of them, but at my relatively large, human scale I see them only occasionally. I guess this is the entomological equivalent of stopping to smell the roses.

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2 Responses to A patterned moth

  1. peonyden says:

    I am familiar with that one. I get them to my front porch light, in their season.
    I love the metallic green colour patches.
    Cosmodes elegans
    Donald Hobern has many shots of them on his excellent FlickR Album on moths.

  2. Joy Window says:

    Thanks for the ID, Denis. Great shots on Donald’s site!

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