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An adventure in time (part 3)

Continued from part 1 and part 2 … 9 July 2008: Lacock and Glastonbury The morning was scheduled as free so I wandered around Avebury and followed Helen’s directions to a lovely elm grove. It was raining so I had … Continue reading

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I can’t fly but I’m telling you …

… I can run the pants off a kangaroo! (Old Man Emu, John Williams) He does have wings, but they are too small for flying. We don’t have any emus in our area, but in the national park near Woody … Continue reading

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Small is beautiful

I haven’t had much opportunity to get out of the house lately, what with all this rain – 157 mL in Ballina on one day! It’s a typical Lismore January, with rivers filling up from rain in the local catchment … Continue reading

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It’s worse than that, it’s dead, Jim

… to paraphrase “Bones” McCoy in Star Trek. My satellite hardware has died after just over five years. I’m surprised to find out how dependent on it I’ve become – not only for work but for blogging and communication with … Continue reading

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Pretty parrots and perky wrens

I don’t know what it is about galahs – they are not the most brightly coloured birds, but there’s something nice about that soft grey and pink combination. Maybe it’s that I’m familiar with them from my childhood in South … Continue reading

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Frogs visible and invisible

The increasing showers and rain that herald the wet season bring a lot of frogs out. The male is the noisy one, calling for mates. This one lives in a flower pot. This is probably a young Litoria caerulea, with … Continue reading

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