Pretty parrots and perky wrens

I don’t know what it is about galahs – they are not the most brightly coloured birds, but there’s something nice about that soft grey and pink combination. Maybe it’s that I’m familiar with them from my childhood in South Australia, in a landscape much drier than where I live now. (The average annual rainfall of Adelaide is about 520 mm/20.5 inches a year whereas Lismore has about 1335 mm/53 inches.)

But the galahs are here, too. These are at a friend’s bird feeder …

Galahs at feeding station

I don’t feed birds, not wanting them to become dependent on me, so I don’t get such good close-up views of them when they visit my place. Here are some rainbow lorikeets and sulfur-crested cockatoos …

Feathered food fight: rainbow lorikeets (centre) and sulfur-crested cockatoos; photo by Sheree Ford

Rainbow lorikeets (left) and galahs (right); photo by Sheree Ford

I have a bird bath on the back deck, but unlike at Sheree’s there’s too much open space between it and the sheltering shrubs, so the blue wrens won’t brave the distance with the magpies and butcherbirds on the look-out for them. Perhaps I should put another one nearer the bushes where I hear them twittering out of sight.

Male blue wren; photo by Sheree Ford

Female blue wrens; photo by Sheree Ford

Finally, there’s the ubiquitous kookaburra …

Kookaburra scans for lizards and worms; photo by Sheree Ford

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to see these birds, sometimes on a daily basis.

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3 Responses to Pretty parrots and perky wrens

  1. Oh, astonishing. I only see these in a pet store or on TV! Amazing to think they just come up to feeders like the juncos and chickadees that come to mine.

  2. Lyn Weir says:

    Hi Joy,
    I was given a Liebster Blog Award – think it is a way of promoting smaller blogs…so have added you to my list of my ‘recipients’

    • Thank you, Lyn! I’m afraid I’m off the air, so to speak, at the moment, as my internet hardware has died, but we’re getting a new system in the next couple of weeks so normal service should be resumed soon. Until then, I’m limited in my access – am sending from the local library now.. Congratulations on your award!

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