Small is beautiful

I haven’t had much opportunity to get out of the house lately, what with all this rain – 157 mL in Ballina on one day! It’s a typical Lismore January, with rivers filling up from rain in the local catchment and from the Tweed to the north. They’ve had a lot more rain than us – evacuations are taking place, but nothing extraordinary in Lismore. The water hasn’t even got to the bottom of the local town levy even though yesterday it was only 1 metre from the bottom of the bridge at the Rock Valley Post Office – that’s a lot of water pounding through! The little creek on the west end of our property is absolutely roaring.

So I’ve had time to wander around the property, looking for interesting things.

The neighbour’s sheep, who continue their daily visits through the electric fence (wool is an insulator), have brought with them these spectacular flies who group on piles of dung (must put some away for composting my veggie garden – the dung, not the flies).



This little moth has been sheltering indoors …

IMG_0952 copy

… successfully escaping the attentions of our furry cockroach-eating friend, whose leg-spread is as big as my open hand …

IMG_0998 copy

This moth looks a bit worse for wear …

IMG_1183 copy

An exquisite spider sheltering under a leaf – that’s a finger in the background …

IMG_0924 copy

Here’s one of the more interesting fungi to emerge in the wet – is it golden jelly-bells (Heterotextus miltinus)?

IMG_0993 copy

It’s been a good reminder to look close as well as far away. There’s always something interesting happening in the natural world, even in flood season.

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4 Responses to Small is beautiful

  1. Er, did you say that spider is as large as your OPEN HAND?! Dang, you folks down under grow ’em big!
    Love the variety of species–all so pretty!

  2. Cath Clrak says:

    A splendiferous spider (the red one) indeed. Enjoyed all the little things focus

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