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Emerald-spotted tree frog

It seems to be frog-spotting season. This one decided to live in my bathroom for a few days. It’s the emerald-spotted tree frog, also known as Peron’s tree frog (Litoria peronii). You can see the green spots in the photo … Continue reading

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A great barred frog

Last night was one of those weird nights when the wind was swooshing the trees around, and it couldn’t make up its mind whether it was cool or warm, so tried both alternately. The land itself seemed restless and it … Continue reading

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Tai chi with stick insect

I don’t practise tai chi, but it sure felt like it this morning when I was handling a stick insect a friend brought for me to see. She’s often out maintaining her plantings, and sees a lot of interesting insects. … Continue reading

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A Liebster award!

I got a nice surprise back in January. Lynette from SoulSong Art kindly gave me a Liebster award. (“Liebster” seems to mean “beloved” in German. In English I guess it would mean “favourite” in this circumstance.) I’ve put off accepting … Continue reading

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They’re doing it – they’re doing it now!

I have a long-standing fascination with the deep ocean. Hence my interest in Her Deepness Sylvia Earl, and my books on what’s known so far: Van Dover’s “The Octopus’s Garden” and “The Ecology of Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vents”, Broad’s “The Universe … Continue reading

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Bats not in the bellfry, but in the bell

Here are some (Brigitte thinks) Gould’s long-eared bats (Nyctophilus gouldi). Unlike flying foxes who squeal a lot, microbats are secretive and quiet. They like to roost in snug places where they can get in close together. These are likely to … Continue reading

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Orchid – Dipodium

Orchids are flowering lately … here’s one courtesy of the mountain behind our place. I didn’t see the orchid myself, but according to PlantNet there are five pink Dipodium species in New South Wales. The distribution maps don’t point to … Continue reading

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An Australian native ground orchid

Brigitte, who lives about 20 minutes’ drive from me at Barker’s Vale,, was kind enough to let me have these photos she took of Epipogium roseum, a native Australian ground orchid, on her property. Brigitte says there are only three … Continue reading

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A hawk moth

This photo of a hawk moth, possibly Coequosa australasiae, was recently sent to me by a friend who lives at the top of the mountain behind me. It really is magnificent, if a little worse for wear.

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Spiders attempt a white Christmas

It’s not exactly Christmas, but a blanket of white has covered some parts of dry land in the flooded district of Wagga Wagga in Victoria southern New South Wales [oops, thanks for the correction, Martin – still, it’s not as … Continue reading

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