Orchid – Dipodium

Orchids are flowering lately … here’s one courtesy of the mountain behind our place.

Dipodium orchid; photo by Heather Fraser

I didn’t see the orchid myself, but according to PlantNet there are five pink Dipodium species in New South Wales. The distribution maps don’t point to a definitive answer, so I’ll leave it as Dipodium species for now. Thanks to Heather, Jacki and Amanda for tracking this one down, leeches, stinging trees and all!

Update: Another person I asked for help with ID says:

It is hard to decide exactly which one it is from your photos. Maybe when you take photos, try and get details of the reproductive bits, and with any flowers or seeds visible get in nice and close so you can see clearly distinquishing features, e.g. with your species there is obviously a recurved tip to the petal ends and this is a good indicator for you as the Dipodiums are either recurved there, or not at all or just slightly and the spotting patterns is also important. If you can get another good look at it in real life it will help definitive ID, but maybe it is punctatum as the sepals and laterals petals seem only slightly recurved at the tip and the sepals and lateral petals also appear to be cupped. Its habitat also fits “in wet sclerophyll forest to dry sclerophyll woodland, on a variety of soils chiefly on the coast and ranges west to Warrumbungle Ranges”, Harden, Flora of NSW Vol 4. page 238.

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