Bats not in the bellfry, but in the bell

Here are some (Brigitte thinks) Gould’s long-eared bats (Nyctophilus gouldi). Unlike flying foxes who squeal a lot, microbats are secretive and quiet. They like to roost in snug places where they can get in close together. These are likely to be females, as the males roost alone.

Gould's long-eared bats

Gould's long-eared bats roosting during the day; photo by Brigitte Stievermann

They are inside a bell hanging from a roof beam inside Brigitte’s house at Barker’s Vale. From my own experience at my place, they are very silent and fast flyers, so you hardly know they are there. That was before I put up insects screens, so now I don’t have the pleasure of their company indoors, or the feeling of seeing a tiny shadow flit past very fast at night. Nor do I have to clean up after them when they poop inside the house, thank goodness.

Gould's long-eared bats snuggled up to the ceiling in another of Brigitte's buildings; photo by Brigitte Stievermann

Microbats are enthusiastic eaters of lots and lots and lots of insects. I hate to think what things would be like without them.

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1 Response to Bats not in the bellfry, but in the bell

  1. MICRO bats!? In a BELL?!
    This blog just turns up the most interesting things!

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