Emerald-spotted tree frog

It seems to be frog-spotting season. This one decided to live in my bathroom for a few days. It’s the emerald-spotted tree frog, also known as Peron’s tree frog (Litoria peronii).

Peron's tree frog

Peron's tree frog

You can see the green spots in the photo above, but with the flash they stand out even more, although the skin looks paler than in real life …

Peron's tree frog

Peron's tree frog

This one was 50 mm nose to tail, just as stated in the reference books. You can hear its call from this page.

Now it’s autumn and cooling down, I guess the frogs are going to be going into hibernation – their heart beat and breathing slow down and they rest in hiding places until the weather warms up.  The subtropics never get super cold, so winter is not too much of a problem for them. My bathroom is not the best place to be undisturbed, though.

Have a good rest, froggies!

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