The Easter bilby

The bilby is a bandicoot-like creature that lives in the desert areas of Australia. It is listed as endangered for some of the usual reasons – feral cats and habitat loss.

Education bilby working for its keep; photo by Sherie Ford

A couple of chocolate companies in Australia make chocolate bilbies instead of chocolate bunnies for Easter, and part of the profits go to conservation campaigns. There’s a fair chance that bilbies will be saved, because at least public sympathy is with them – they have the “cute” factor. This is unfortunately not the case for less cute species.

So make sure that if you eat lots of chocolate this Easter, it’s in the shape of an Easter bilby!

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4 Responses to The Easter bilby

  1. How have I lived this long with never having seen a bilby before?! (Let alone nibbled on a chocolate one.) Cute as the dickens.

  2. Kathy says:

    That photo is great, Joy! Those ears are just huge…
    Sounds like bragging… Yes! But we have been eating chocolate bilbies for years. Easter just isn’t Easter without the trek to find them. Usually Darrel Lea sells them in Sydney. We bought dark chocolate this year … yummm. They do not portray the correct ear dimensions on the chocky ones.
    I agree that it’s a pity the less cute do not get as much recognition or support. Sad to think so many animals have become extinct, through sheer ignorance.

  3. Cath Clark says:

    Yes, I munched my bilby at Easter, with fond memories of Joy. What a lovely Australian tradition.

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