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Lismore Lantern Parade (part 2)

Continued from part 1 …

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Happy winter solstice, Lismore Lantern Parade (part 1)

Many cultures have a festival of lights, and every year around the winter solstice Lismore has its own – a lantern parade. This has been going on for 18 years, and has now evolved a market and music to go … Continue reading

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Smart dog drives Smart Car

Seen in Murwillumbah yesterday (and bearing in mind that in Oz drivers sit on the right) … a fluffy white dog waits for directions from her map-reading passenger before taking off in her Mercedes … Wonders will never cease!

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From little things, big things grow

Friends down the valley found a dead Pacific baza (Aviceda subcristata) chick under a tree, and a live sibling next to it. The live one was way too young to fend for itself, so with the advice of the local … Continue reading

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Bandy bandi bandi

I haven’t developed a tic, just an admiration for this lovely snake, the bandi bandi (Vermicella annulata). This photo was taken on a November 2011 (spring) evening by a neighbour on his property. Bandi bandis are small and grow to … Continue reading

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Tailed emperor butterfly

Last week I found a butterfly, wet and still and horizontal and apparently dead, on the back steps. I took it inside, thinking to add it to my meagre collection when it had dried out. A couple of days later, … Continue reading

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Earth star?

I’m not sure of this one – it looks like an old earth star (Geastrum species), but I can’t see any ‘rays’. Perhaps they have rotted away. It’s on the sand dunes at Flat Rock. The globe contains the tiny … Continue reading

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Coastal erosion 101

The recipe: 1. Take three east coast lows (with windspeeds equal to a category 2 tropical cyclone experienced in Sydney) between the New South Wales/Victoria coast and New Zealand. 2. Add one full moon (spiced with a partial eclipse), producing … Continue reading

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