From little things, big things grow

Friends down the valley found a dead Pacific baza (Aviceda subcristata) chick under a tree, and a live sibling next to it. The live one was way too young to fend for itself, so with the advice of the local WIRES raptor expert my friends decided to raise it.

They put it in a nest and raised it and lowered it to feed it, in the hopes that the parents would return and take over. No such luck, so over the course of 4 months they made a photographic record (all photos by Greg Spencer).

Baza chick in December – the wire holds to the branch it’s sitting on and is not around its leg

Without mum and dad around, a chick’s gotta keep warm somehow

About a month later in early January, it’s going strong …

Now you can see why I’m also called a crested hawk

You’re gonna feed me soon, right?

I still got my fluffy chick feathers

And in April it’s independent but still choosing to visit …

Just dropped in to get a snack

Adults feed on feeds on stick insects, other large insects, frogs, lizards, small birds and fruit.

My friends saw the bird less and less, and now it’s stopped coming altogether. Hopefully it’s one of the several they occasionally see flying around. It might even be one of those I see or hear around my property. Nice to have a success story.

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4 Responses to From little things, big things grow

  1. Denis Wilson says:

    Wonderful successful hand rearing and release.
    Congrats to those involved.
    Denis Wilson

  2. Cath Clark says:

    What a beauty. Wish I had fancy striped jammies like that!

  3. kathy says:

    Great story about how our intervention can work and the non-human animal go on to survive on its own. Let’s hope it does not bring its young back for your friends to raise… LOL!

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