The biggest cicada

I’d just elbowed my way through hundreds of screaming ankle-biters on school holidays determined to see the Egyptian exhibition at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane last week. The object of my search was not mummies (although there were an awful lot of them being shepherded by the ankle-biters) but the living stick insects exhibit. Having escaped with my life to outside the museum, I saw the biggest cicada I’ve ever seen.

A new species of cicada for Queensland (and possibly the world)?

It was at least as long as the buses that kept driving between me and it in the bus lane. They like to make things big in the Deep North, but this is ridiculous. Move over, Mothra!

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1 Response to The biggest cicada

  1. Cath Clark says:

    Love the wing, but a bit disturbing. Leave it to Joy to visit an Egypt exhibit to see stick insects!

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