Murwillumbah’s marvellous wildlife mural

On Sunday we stumbled by chance on a fantastic mural in Murwillumbah. It’s called the “Treasures of the Tweed Mural Project”.

Artist David Adams is coordinating a group of unemployed volunteers to paint images of endangered flora and fauna of the Mount Warning/Wolumbin volcano region on the concrete flood wall along the Tweed River. They started in 2008 and expect to be finished in 2013. The painted section is about 700 metres long, and although I took heaps of photos I can put only a very small selection here. It really is worthwhile having a look if you’re around Mur’bah. [Update: David says (in his comment below) it will be 1400 metres all up, 2.2 metres high.]

The road goes ever on, and the painting …

It’s an excellent community project. You can see more images on Pinterest here, and Black Diamond has lots of images with identifications of the creatures.

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8 Responses to Murwillumbah’s marvellous wildlife mural

  1. Cath Clark says:

    If these could be done in tile, we could have a very long-lasting bit of history of the region on this wall. It’s gorgeous!

  2. kathy says:

    I think Roger and I saw the beginnings last time we were in M’bah a few years back. What a great idea!

  3. David Adams says:

    700 metres X 2.2 metres treasures of the tweed + community art riverside of levee wall . Total 1400 metres long . Threatened species flora & fauna tweed caldera endangered ecological communities .

  4. David Adams says:

    Thanks Very Much To All Concerned … The Living Valley is in a threatened /endangered state of decline , so raising awareness and educating all is of the utmost importance . Respect .

  5. Felina Margetty says:

    Sadly the mural project suddenly ended, The remainder of the concrete wall was painted a blue colour not seen anywhere else in the hundreds of meters of mural, or anywhere in the shire for that matter. It has become an invitation for graffiti artists with no talent at all. The wall could have been painted in any number of bushland colours which would make it disappear instead of drawing attention to what many have attributed to be an amateur mistake by David Adams. I am sure David and the various other artists could not have consented to this willingly. It is more probable that this was an economic decision by council with no community consultation from the residence at the end of Commercial Road to have to stare at that blue colour with the stupid graffiti. This is a terrible end to such a great project that coordinated so much hard work and genuine talent. What a disappointment.

    • Joy Window says:

      Hi Felina. Thanks for letting me know. That’s a great shame. I was looking forward to viewing the completed work one day. Still, it was great that it got started, and there are hundreds of metres of terrific painting. What a pity it came to such an end.

  6. Felina Margetty says:

    Perhaps David could shed some light on why that horrible colour was chosen which does not add anything to all of the hard work that went into such a massive undertaking. Some have said it represents water. But on what planet? All the other water scenery has native fauna. Many people use this section of Commercial Road for walks, morning and night ; me included. I wonder if anything can be done or if David and his magic crew of volunteers is still planing to put some finishing touches to the remainder of the wall. It certainly does not appear so. I din’t want to take away from the fantastic mural project in any way, or sound like a big whinger, but it is really less than appropriate.

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