Steve Irwin Day

I found out it was Steve Irwin Day (15 November) a bit late in the day yesterday. Steve was a bit of a “roll your eyes” phenomenon in Australia – a bit over-the-top, but my estimation of him went up after I researched him when he died (shame on me for not appreciating him earlier). His huge conservation efforts continue, in the shape of Terri Irwin and kids, and their team. (By the way, the mad-keen Brit wildlife documentary presenter Steve Backshall reminds me of Steve Irwin in his enthusiasm for animals in general and reptiles in particular.)

So when a surprise encounter with a Boiga irregularis (the brown tree snake, also known around here as the night tiger) happened last night, I thought it fitting to take a photo of the reptile in honour of Steve.

Boiga irregularis, the brown tree snake

It’s not a dangerous snake – venomous but rarely bites humans. It sat snoozing in the pot – may have been there all day with me wandering past unknowingly – until full dark, then disappeared for its nightly hunt. We have a lot of these snakes around here. I often wondered where they went during the day, and now I know!

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5 Responses to Steve Irwin Day

  1. Ken D. says:

    I always wondered about the brown tree snake (as opposed to the green) – were they different shades of the same species and if not how close they were related. To my shame I’ve never done the research. I have seen mentioned ‘whip’ snake a lot in the old stories and articles on the Big Scrub and thought they must have been brown tree snakes.

    • Joy Window says:

      That’s the problem with common names – very confusing at times. The green and brown tree snakes are totally different species. There is a whip snake, too, but it may not be the one called that in old newspapers and articles. Are you going to write it up in your Big Scrub Landcare newsletter? Lots of info on the ‘net if you want to research it!

      • Ken D. says:

        I think I will Joy. A general rule of thumb for me is that if I’m interested then so will others – not much of a rule, but it’s all I’ve got! Cheers.

  2. Whoa, that’s a big snake.

    Oh, that over-the-top enthusiasm of Steve Irwin! He was frequently parodied here in the States, but I think mostly in a loving way. Such a character!

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