Another nice nudibranch

The new moon brought a very low tide, so off to Flat Rock. Fortunately it’s recovered from all that sand over winter, and there were lots of animals, shells and so on in the rock pools.

I was especially pleased to see this nudibranch (Austraeolis ornata), apparently a common one but I’d never seen it before. I only spotted it because I stopped to admire a Peron’s side-gilled sea slug that happened to be next to it.

Nudibranch, Austraeolis ornata

There are probably hundreds of nudibranchs sauntering around in the rock pools, but it takes good eyesight and good luck to see them, unless you are prepared to have a marine aquarium and take rocks with weeds on home to it. This one wouldn’t have been more than a couple of centimetres long, but impressive nonetheless. It made my day!

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