A tad damp in Lismore

There’s been record flooding in Bundaberg and Grafton, and severe flooding in other places. We have been fortunate here in the valley. It’s very protected – hardly any wind whereas our neighbours on top of the mountain behind us said it was very windy up there; they lost a sheet off their roof and a tree fell on the edge of their house, but no major damage.

We’ve had our largest 24-hour rain total since we’ve lived here (just over 11 years), 30 minutes out of Lismore – 125 mL. Nothing compared to other places even relatively close. Over the five days of the event, we’ve had 276.5 mL of continual rain, coming down evenly all the time. January average is 155 mL, and our total for the month so far is 317.

Folks in Lismore expect more or less flooding in the wet season every January-ish, and the levee wall now keeps it out of the CBD.

North Lismore bridge water level Jan 2013

Not as high as the 1974 flood – water levels under the North Lismore bridge

The water peaked at 1.4 metres below the levee.

Lismore flood 2013 - Water stopped 1.4 metres under the levee

Water stopped 1.4 metres under the levee – the CBD is behind the wall

Unfortunately the saving of the CBD from flood waters means that water is pushed over the other side of the river to the houses in North Lismore. The Winsome Hotel, now a homeless shelter, has to cope with this.

Winsome Hotel under flood 2013

Winsome Hotel under flood

This washing won’t be drying any time soon … even if they can retrieve it in the next few days!

North Lismore house flooded back yard

The old Hills Hoist ain’t what she used to be

In contrast to depressed humans, the frogs have been going absolutely nuts, calling at maximum volume at night as the rain poured down. In all the racket, I made out five species singing frog opera: bleating tree frog (Litoria dentata), common tree frog (Litoria caerulea), rocket frog (Litoria nasuta),  dainty tree frog (Litoria gracilenta) and many of these striped marsh frogs (Limnodynastes peronii).

Striped marsh frog calling

Striped marsh frog calling ‘toc’, ‘toc’, ‘toc’ …

I hope I never have to go through such as flood as Bundaberg is happening – one natural disaster per lifetime is enough for me.

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