Ain’t we got fun?

It’s east coast low time again, folks – 3 weeks after the last one (reported here). Ballina, well-known for having the highest rainfalls in the immediate region,  had 151 mL in the last 24 hours – phooey, I say. We beat that, and the previous record here (3 weeks ago) of 125 mL (5 inches) in 24 hours – this morning there was 184 mL (over 7 inches) in the gauge for the last 24 hours!

Wind gusts in Ballina officially went up to 91 km/hour (57 miles/hour), but something stronger than that ripped off the roof of the Pelican restaurant by the river. It was quite windy in the valley, and Andrew did get some water in his studio – not from a dirt bank collapsing like last time, but just sheer overflow from the gutters not carried away fast enough and water rising from ground level. A tall sally wattle split in two and has fallen over the driveway.

Other places on the coast got it much worse than we did – being an hour inland helps. They are still waiting for their electricity and water to be restored, or to be rescued off their roofs. It took up to 5 days to restore electricity last time. If you live on property and have an electric pump to supply yourself with water from a tank (like us), you will be unable to have a shower or flush the loo. Luckily we kept our electricity supply and just had to sleep as best we could through the noise of the storm.

Today is sunny, so the clean-up begins. Just another east coast low in Lismore.

Update: The Daily Examiner has a range of photos and an article on the Ballina situation. The Marine Rescue folks recorded winds in Ballina of 80 knots (148 km/hour or 92 miles an hour for us landlubbers).

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5 Responses to Ain’t we got fun?

  1. Cath Clark says:

    Glad ya’ll are OK–sorry about water in Andrew’s studio, though! I got 190 in my gauge in the same 24 hours, no unfortunate gust damage, though. Spent 2 hours restoring swimming pool to rights, then noticed some strange brown splatters all over my computer keyboard! Eventually worked out it was not a sudden mold outbreak or Pepsi splatter, but a roof leak! Unplugged it, drained it, and put in a spare. What an odd thing to have to tend to! Maclean due for moderate flood Mon AM around noon, hopefully Pacific will stay open at cloverleaf!

  2. Peter S says:

    Good to see you survived. Witta is expecting lots of water today. We now have 2 buff-banded rail chicks running around as well.

  3. Wow, Glad to hear you are okay Joy. I didn’t realize that your were having severe weather as we have been out of commission, internet wise. Jane and I have been in Florida for the last couple of weeks, and even though I took the Macbook with me, I forgot my power supply so there was not a lot of surfing the internet. I did get some good bird pictures. Check this site:


    It turns out the space program has been kind to wildlife, as the Government has preserved large “buffer zone” areas around Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral from developers. You can see the massive Vehicle Assembly Building in the distance here:


    Speaking of weather, there were storms and a tornado watch while we were there, but it all went by to the North of our location at Cape Canaveral.

    • Joy Window says:

      Hi Alan. We were quite protected in our valley – you remember the place. Other places had severe winds and lots of rain – we had lots of rain (for us), but not much wind. The third east coast low in 4 weeks is shaping up right now. Great bird shots, by the way.

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