Talking about pop, pop, pop culture

And that’s enough referencing of ’80’s music, thank you.

The weekend saw another Gold Coast SupaNova pop culture event. I talked about last’s year’s event here.

It’s always fun to see the enthusiasms of so many people, singles, couples and families, whether they dress up as their favourite SF, movie, anime or game character. Literally wall-to-wall fans of every genre – there’s even (whisper) wrestling. I guess that’s pop culture, too.

Many authors were sitting at tables with their novels, looking lonely, so we chatted to a few and they were all keen to talk. One was award-winning fantasy, SF and comics writer Tad Williams – we didn’t actually know who he was, but he was a pleasure to talk with. We were gasbagging merrily away, then realised there was a queue behind us to see him. Oops – so we moved on.

There were too many fabulous costumes to take photos of, so I just stuck to my own fandoms. They shouldn’t be too hard to guess.

Here’s Souffle Girl …

Dalek Clara at SupaNova Gold Coast April 2013

Dalek Clara (Doctor Who)

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