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Way cool citizen science in marine biology

It’s happening now at, and involves you sifting through photos of the sea floor, taken by underwater robotic vehicles. One project is about spotting sea urchins in Tasmanian waters, particularly the invasive Centrostephanus rodgersii, which is moving southwards and … Continue reading

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One that didn’t make it

Spring has arrived somewhat earlier than usual. The resident male bowerbird has been stealing the dried shoots off the water chestnuts for his bower, and rosellas are flying around in pairs looking for suitable nesting sites. The local magpies are … Continue reading

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Steaming in Ipswich

We’d recently been to the opening of the Antipodean Steampunk Show at the Tweed Regional Art Gallery, and met some very appropriately dressed people, who mentioned the SteamFest Australia event at Ipswich. We’d never been to Ipswich (about 40 km … Continue reading

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