Steaming in Ipswich

We’d recently been to the opening of the Antipodean Steampunk Show at the Tweed Regional Art Gallery, and met some very appropriately dressed people, who mentioned the SteamFest Australia event at Ipswich. We’d never been to Ipswich (about 40 km south-west of Brisbane) so thought we’d give it a go. We’d enjoyed James Blaylock’s fantasy books and Victorian era sci-fi, and the whole steampunk look is very creative.

Steampunk is a subculture celebrating the British Victorian era and ‘weird science’ – think H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Victorian and early Edwardian (1800s to 1910-ish) technology and fashion and music melded with the modern. Wild West-era USA also counts. It’s a lot more positive than cyberpunk or goth, which take a generally dystopian view. Steampunk’s been around since the 1980s, so if you use your favourite search engine you’ll find lots of websites and photos devoted to it.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the yesterday’s Ipswich event.

Ipswich Steamfest 2013_11

Ipswich Steamfest 2013_10Ipswich Steamfest 2013_21Ipswich Steamfest 2013_16Ipswich Steamfest 2013_4Ipswich Steamfest 2013_1Ipswich Steamfest 2013_3Ipswich Steamfest 2013_5Ipswich Steamfest 2013_6Ipswich Steamfest 2013_25Ipswich Steamfest 2013_26Ipswich Steamfest 2013_8Ipswich Steamfest 2013_15Ipswich Steamfest 2013_14Ipswich Steamfest 2013_12Ipswich Steamfest 2013_9Ipswich Steamfest 2013_7Ipswich Steamfest 2013_17Ipswich Steamfest 2013_19

Victoria and Otto

Victoria and Otto

For more on Otto and Victoria (above), click here.

Ipswich Steamfest 2013_18Ipswich Steamfest 2013_22Ipswich Steamfest 2013_23Ipswich Steamfest 2013_24Ipswich Steamfest 2013_27

Ipswich Steamfest 2013_29Well done, folks! You can see Andrew’s take on SteamFest here.

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13 Responses to Steaming in Ipswich

  1. janebeau says:

    Yup, steampunk is definitely my genre! Gorgeous pics – they really seem to be enjoying themselves and not, as you say, angry like the goth lot! Did I tell you I once made my self a victorian riding habit and wore it regularly to the ad gency where I worked – no one even raised an eyebrow, this was the 80s! xx j

  2. Great outfits and heavy! What did you wear Joy? Thanks for the photos.

    • Joy Window says:

      At least it was mid-winter, even if 23 degrees C, so not difficult to wear solid costumes. I didn’t wear a costume (you no doubt recognised Andrew in his). But I did go around for a while wearing the leather plague mask that Andrew bought from one of the stalls, and had people talking to me about it. Apparently doctors in the time of bubonic plague wore such masks stuffed with herbs and scents to protect themselves from plague, and to stave off the horrific odours, no doubt. Of course it didn’t work, because plague was not transmitted by air.

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  4. James Niland says:

    Great shots there, like how you show the whole outfit of people!
    And what a great steamfest this was. Hope they’ll do it again next year.

  5. kathy says:

    What a great celebration of individuality! Andrew looks so authentic. And handsome! I love that you show the world around you without authorial intervention. Good observation is really important when you have such different personalities.

  6. I’m Allen Freeman the official photographer of this Steamfest event and I fully approve of this blog! It was a fantastic event with some amazing bands: Abney Park, Starboy, Unwoman, Rapskallion, Mouldy Lovers……tons of tents with items for sale. It was my first time in Australia! I live in California.

  7. Evan Hoffman says:

    Hi Joy, great photos. What a great weekend, we loved every minute. Hope to do it all again soon, maybe we will run into you and Andrew somewhere on another adventure, Evan and Jackie

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