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Another titan

I’ve seen titan stick insects (Acrophylla titan) before, but it is always a thrill to see another one of these massive leaf-eating creatures. This one was about 19 cm from tail to top of head. Brisbane Insects says they are … Continue reading

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My little longicorn

I’ve seen a longicorn beetle previously, but this one is different: it looks like the sheep longicorn, Monohammus frenchi or Dihammus ovinus, according to Brisbane Insects. Update: Chris McKay at CSIRO asked one of their experts, who says its Disterna plumifera. … Continue reading

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Ah, petrichor! And beetles and bugs

Ever wonder if there’s a name for that particular smell that happens when it rains on hot dry dust? Well, there is – it’s petrichor. According to the Oxford Dictionary, its origins are: 1960s: blend of petro- ‘relating to rocks’ … Continue reading

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