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It’s spring and a naturalist’s thoughts turn to …

… snails, actually. After the record rains last week (in 24 hours Lismore 139 mm; my back deck 103 mm – although the absolute record for my back deck is 187 mm in 24 hours a couple of years ago; … Continue reading

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Native plant lists for Bungabee and Bentley areas

When revegetating land, it’s helpful to know what was originally in the area and what seed banks are likely to be in the soil once you get rid of the lantana and other weeds. These are the plants that are … Continue reading

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There’s a hole in the paddock, dear Lise, dear Lise

… and it’s because new fencing is going in. Our neighbours dug some post holes and inadvertently performed a small wildlife survey via these ‘pit traps’. Here’s the very common striped marsh frog (Limnodynastes peroni) …

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The rise and fall of the red phallus fungus

A couple of posts ago, I reported on the fruiting body of a stinkhorn fungus, Phallus rubicunda. I promised Denis I’d keep an eye out for the development of more, and as luck would have it another one popped out … Continue reading

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Micro monster … and the kitchen sink

Not the best of backgrounds, but I takes ’em as I finds ’em … it’s a house centipede (Allothereua maculata) in my kitchen sink. I’ve been enjoying David Attenborough’s documentary series, Micro monsters, hence the association. It is not an … Continue reading

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