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The sound of silence

The Northern Star, our local rag, last week screamed the headline: ‘Holy bat-astrophe!’. Call me humourless, but I don’t think the deaths of possibly 5000 endangered flying foxes particularly funny. How about all those children dying of ebola? Are they … Continue reading

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Lugging the luckless legless

Why are we not overwhelmed with insects and other small greeblies? Some would say we are, but think how many more there would be without them all preying on one another. Birds eat spiders and wasps, which eat spiders, which … Continue reading

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The night tiger in the day

I probably should have put a warning up on the last post: ‘Arachnophobes beware!’ So I’ll redeem myself this time: ‘Ophidiophobes beware!’ Last week I was moving a bed and mosquito net onto the front porch. It’s much more pleasant … Continue reading

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The amazing spines of the spineless

Isn’t language great? One word can mean several things. It’s hell on those trying to learn another language, though. ‘Spine’ can mean ‘a series of vertebrae extending from the skull to the small of the back, enclosing the spinal cord … Continue reading

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