A Christmas hamper

How do you want to go? Peacefully in bed? Doing something you love? Doing something that makes the world a better place?

Looking for a delicious meal? Looking for love?

I suspect the beetle below was doing the last paragraph rather than the former, but who knows what goes on in the minds of our chitinous friends? The bundle was 5 cm long from top to end of carapace.

Caught beetle_2   Caught beetle_3Here’s another Christmas hamper, this time a cicada …

Cicada in web_1 Cicada in web_2All trussed up and nowhere to go … oh dear.

And here is the chef de cuisine, a garden spider. The suppers are bigger than the spider.

Garden spider_1Bon appetit, ma cherie.

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1 Response to A Christmas hamper

  1. janebeau says:

    Typical Christmas – eyes bigger than tummy and greed ruling the day!

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